The Disguiser (2015)

Wèizhuāng zhě, Wei Zhuang Zhe, The Pretender, 伪装者

Drama , Action , Adventure , Drama , Historical , War , Chinese | Episodes 48

6.2 151 10 0


Focusing on a story of betrayal, romance, friendship, familial ties behind the Sino-Japanese war. Ming Tai is a man from a wealthy family who was trained as a spy and then became part of the Communist Party. With his brother, who is also a double spy agent, they have to succeed in their infiltration and defeat their enemy. Based off the novel by Zhang Yong


Hu Ge Ming Tai Main Role
Wang Kai Ah Cheng Main Role
Jin Dong Ming Lou Main Role
Gao Xin Zhang Yue Yin Supporting Role
Sun Meng Jia Zhu Hui Yin Supporting Role
Song Yi Yu Man Li Supporting Role
Liu Yi Jun Wang Tian Feng Supporting Role
Wang Zheng Guo Qi Yun Supporting Role
Liu Min Tao Ming Jing Supporting Role
Guo Xiao Feng Li Shu Supporting Role
Zhu Meng Yao A Xiang Supporting Role
Guo Hong Aunt Gui Supporting Role
Wang Hong Advisor Lin Supporting Role
Yue Yang Liang Zhong Chun Supporting Role
Feng Hui Ming Tang Supporting Role
Wang Angel Wang Man Chun Supporting Role
Wu Hao Chen Japanese army Guest Role