Room Laundering (2018)
Ep 2


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: TBS, MBS

Room Laundering (2018)

Rumu Rondaringgu, ルームロンダリング

Drama , Drama , Supernatural , Suspense , Japanese | Episodes 16

4.5 25 10 0


Story is set after the movie "Room Laundering." Miko Yakumo (Elaiza Ikeda) continues her work "room laundering." She struggles to solve the worries of ghosts staying in the rooms. Meanwhile, the relationship of Miko Yakumo and Akito Nijikawa (Kentaro Ito) develop romantically.


Taguchi Tomorowo Saizen Support Role
Kentaro Akito Nijikawa Support Role
Katagiri Kenji Director
Okuno Eita Terada Support Role
Odagiri Joe Goro Ikazuzi Support Role
Ikeda Elaiza Miko Yakumo Main Role
Shibukawa Kiyohiko Kimihiko Kasuga Main Role