Jamsi Village (2018)
Ep 2


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: KBS2

Jamsi Village (2018)

잠시만 빌리지

Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Game-Show , Kshow , Korean | Episodes 50

6.8 34 10 0


JAMSIMAN VILLAGE features celebrities and their children who travel to a foreign city and live there for a while. They enjoy the city in ways short-term travels would never provide: Walking the narrow allies around the neighborhood, making friends with the locals, and living like the people in the city for a period of time. The show observes three families: Cho Jung-chi and Jung In dwell in Ljubljana, Slovenia with their daughter and experience the small city life. Park Ji-yoon and her daughter fly to Helsinki, Finland, to enjoy a way of life in Northern Europe. Kim Hyung-kyu and his son go to Bali, Indonesia, known as the backpackers' paradise, to